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The Zipper’s great granddaddy on its mother’s side was a Harmony Stratotone. It’s fraternal grandparents were both (unrelated) Fender Telecaster Thinlines. Talk in town is that it’s got a great uncle that might have been a Gibson Melody Maker. It hangs out with Danelectros on the weekends.

The Zipper’s heart came from the Sears Roebuck catalog for Christmas morning. It’s guts are sturdy and persistent. Like the Hoover Dam.

It’s the Hydrox or Oreo cookie of electric guitars. A hollowed out wood center block and walls are the white stuff. Top and back plates of a complimentary wood are the cookie. It strings through the body over a tailpiece that came to me in a dream. The tailpiece and string-through-edness are what make this sucker ring. “Zip” if you will.



Center Block Wood Honduran/African Mahogany, Ash, Alder, Walnut, Cedar or Maple. Honestly anything that looks good and will Zip.

Top and Back Plate Wood complementary wood from the same options. I like to mix. Not always match.

Neck Wood Historically maple or Mahogany. But I’m open to suggestions.

Fingerboard Wood Indian rosewood, ebony, monterillo, pao ferro, cocobolo, maple and various other species.

Scale Length 25.5”

Body Thickness 1 1316” on average.

Nut Width 1 1116

Number of frets 22

Bridge Bone nut. Nickel plated Gotoh tune-o-matic

Tailpiece Custom patent pending brushed aluminum Zipper tailpiece.

Tuners White or Silver button Klusons

Pickups We really like most everything Lollar makes so take your pick. Of course I’m always open to suggestions of other brands. Just don’t pick something atrocious.

Electronics 3 way LP style Switchcraft switch

Two volume pots and a single tone pot.



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Want to inquire about ordering a LockHorn Zipper or about available custom options? Please reach out to Benny below and he will be in touch with you!